Box-Less moving saves time, money and prevents downtime

Beware the house mover pretending to be an office mover. If a mover suggests using boxes for your, or so-called plastic crates (which are just plastic boxes) for your office move – run, run, run! This is a classic sign of a household goods mover masquerading as an office mover. Boxes or plastic crate moves will increase move time, increase downtime, increase damage and leave you with the worst of all the “moving hangover” as your office fights to get back on its feet. One thing your company definitely does not need is hidden expenses and productivity killers.
Office moves can be stressful enough but they don’t have to be nightmares. The box-less (or minimal use of boxes) move is the sign of an office relocation professional prepared to keep your entity rolling with a minimum of downtime. Moves can be expensive. Not getting back up quickly and generating revenue can be devastating. A poorly run office move is not a bargain at any price. True office movers will use E (electronic) carts or computer carts and “office gondolas” (large rolling bookshelves on wheels) versus boxing to keep things in order, mobile and ready immediately upon delivery.
In this economy we are seeing more and more traditional home or van line movers trying to dabble in commercial relocations. They normally begin by buying some plastic crates so they appear to have an office moving look it does not matter to them that their so-called solutions does not help their customers at all they just want the revenue. A true commercial relocation professional will bring tons of pragmatic solutions to the customer and partner with their client to produce a true win-win scenario.
Using very few boxes in a move also save tree, turning you and your company green.

Boxed or plastic crate moves cost you greatly:

  • Takes a lot of extra effort packing (costs extra payroll or costs more)
  • Shuts your office down well in advance of actual move
  • All your books, files, etc. become inaccessible as soon as they are packed
  • Takes much longer to move (costs more, more downtime)
  • Eats up trees, bad for the environment
  • Produces the moving hangover (lost productivity)
  • Removal hassle

A box-less move saves money, effort, and trees:

  • Normally loaded the day of move (costs less, boosts morale)
  • Gondolas load in a fraction of the time antiquated boxing takes
  • All books, files, desk contents can be accessed even during move
  • “Office Gondolas” move in less time than boxes (less downtime, less money)
  • Environmentally “friendly”
  • Gets your office back up and running immediately
  • Gondolas leave with movers

For simple solutions and a box-less move call 334-262-6666 or or visit our website at

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  1. #1 by Mr. Alfred Mathews on April 17, 2011 - 3:50 pm

    Hi, this is very good information
    I am looking forward to hearing more about this solution, seems you have solved many of the headaches associated with office moving. I like the idea of a boxless move, saves time, money, and is the “greenest” solution have seen. I see by your website that you also do records storage, shredding and scanning. That makes your kind of a one stop shop. I will email you soon I would like to chat.

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