Slow Housing Market Causing Household Movers To Try Commercial Moving

The down real estate market is causing household moving companies to try to become office movers. The problem is they are mostly just buying time until the work they know picks back up. They do not have much capital and so they are trying to figure out low-cost ways to appear to be an office mover. Office moving to be done correctly is a whole other animal than moving a house which is fairly easy. It takes specialized equipment to limit downtime and facilitate an orderly relocation. Many of these camouflaged  household movers are buying or renting plastic crates, originally designed for retail and wholesale goods logistics and calling it Box-less moving. Here is the only problem, what is a plastic crate? It is a box or crate made of plastic, and it weighs a ton more than a card board box, you have just increased the weight or size of your relocation. Increased size or weight slows the move down and costs you more. Not just in moving company charges but, also in unproductive dollars for your staff as they are shut down. Loading and stacking crates or boxes produces downtime, lost revenue, frustration. Not good. Most all household movers lack the training needed to properly calculate the size or time needed to complete an office move.

The biggest complaint I hear is “Joe Mover’ badly underestimated my move and Monday instead of returning to work we were finishing our move and putting the pieces of our office back together. Let’s say you are a law firm with 10 lawyers that generally bill $200.00 hourly, that is $2,000.00 hourly and your mover miss figures your move and does not complete till mid day on the day you had to be up and running. Five hours at $2,000 per hour just cost you 10,000.00 not to mention the clients that are undeserved and angry. It gets worse most household movers use a ton of day labor. When underestimate, meets no plan for getting all items in the right place 1st time and then add temp help you likely will get 3-4 days of trying to get dead time.
A poorly planned and executed move is a disaster. Among office movers it is know that a good two-thirds of the folks who mange a move for their company are demoted or fired. The reason is they pick the wrong mover, most times based solely on price. Plastic crates or boxes are a pretty good sign that you are dealing with a mover who has not made a full commitment to office moving or does not have the money or training to be invested in the business. A true office mover will employ office gondolas, library carts, Electronic carts and zip carts to avoid packing and the associated moving hangover. Everything is loaded just before move day, stays in order and is easily accessible right away. Gondolas relocate in a fraction of the time compared to plastic crates, cardboard boxes, and you will have zero debris and clean up.

I see where some of these bad actors recommend moving pads and large boxes or speed packs for moving computers. Unfortunately moving pads are filled with dust and lint, which is a killer for electronics. Cardboard does not provide the adequate protection for sensitive electronics either. A skilled office mover will use special anti-static bubble wrap coupled with specially engineered Electronics-Carts, our company calls this AirGlide.How much will one ruined computer or one that has had its life shortened cost you? What about the lost data? Don’t gamble with you livelihood. Pick an office mover that has been doing office moves for more than the past couple of years.

We many times work with companies who have hired so-called “move coordinators” to help mange an office move usually former bank employees, or facilities folks who have been downsized. It kills me when these move professionals are normally about 10 years behind the times and have to be brought up to speed. If you hire a true commercial mover there is no need for that you can eliminate miscommunication and time. Make life simple, hire a mover with a track record of success in the office moving arena, not an out of work house mover. There is no need to reinvent the wheel and “train” a mover on your company’s dime. A true box-less move, without boxes or plastic crates will be a huge indicator that you are dealing with a pro. Boxless moves are environmentally friendly.

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    The storm came and did a lot of damage here in NJ but my house was spared. In the big scheme of things, losing power was just an inconvenience especially since we were prepared. Fortunately hurricanes don’t happen very often (at least not in New Jersey) and when they do we have plenty of warning. In our businesses we’re not always that lucky. Emergencies tend to crop up all the time.

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