, Boxless Moving And More

Scott McNelley is the guru of boxless moving and is constantly raising the bar by simplifying the relocation process. Expediting the move process is the hallmark of a boxless move, eliminating traditional packing and unpacking allows customers to remain productive right up to move time. Because of the Gondolas, electronics carts, AirGlide computer carts and other systems employed at Admiral Movers moves are accomplished in a fraction of the time a normal move takes. Money is saved, effort is reduced and organization is fueled. The boxless gondolas allows files, manuals, binders, charts, desk contents and records to be moved in order and accessible throughout the entire process. Your employees and customers will love you and the boss will love the money you save. Since you will avoid the “moving hangover” associated with a box or plastic crate move your company returns to revenue generating activities immediately. Again the boss will  love you, and because of the reduced stress, reduced hassle you will thank yourself. To see the innovative approaches and ever evolving processes go to

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  2. is the Corporate Site for the Admiral Companies | MontgomeryOfficeMover

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